We Promised Each Other We Will Do This Again

I had not seen my girlfriends in about a year or so. We had each gotten married and thrown ourselves into our new lives. But we kept talking of getting together, but quickly found each time that we did nothing about it. So, I decided that I would make some firm plans to get us all together. I figured that if I mentioned that I was getting one of the Toronto limo services in the city to take us around for a night, the other girls would immediately be enticed to come out for a night.

Each of us had been friends since we were back in high school. We had all somehow managed to remain best friends into our thirties.

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Long Tail and General Tail: Mixing the Two Brings the Best Results in SEO

Search engine optimizers like to proclaim the field is absurdly dense and detail-oriented. They state it is an engine of thousands of smaller parts working towards a single goal. A lot of this is true, to an extent, but SEO can easily be broken down into one fundamental idea. SEO generally consists of using the right keyword at the right time. A company ranks as a result of that, and everything else is auxiliary.

The overarching approach is easier said than done. Assuming the perfect keyword is found, a company still needs to retain their top rank for it. They may also want to add new keywords along the way and refocus their brand identity, product inventory, brand tone, and other attributes which would require adjusting the keywords. It is a never-ending game, which is both exhilarating and overwhelming. Fortunately, Atlanta seo resources can help ease burdens in the acclaimed business city.

Most marketing companies have a two-pronged approach. They develop a list of long tail keywords that get intimate and specific about what people search for. Users looking for information about SEO may ask, How can I find cheap SEO in Atlanta? How do I use meta descriptions in my images? What are the craziest SEO ideas for my WordPress site? These are all questions asked by users through Google Now or Siri (the voice system that searches web queries for users). Companies can rank for these specific terms.

The second prong is the general keyword, such as Atlanta SEO or affordable SEO. These are substantially vaguer and could, potentially, earn millions of visitors once highly ranked for.

The proliferation of long tail keywords will, hopefully, bring more traffic to the website. This increased traffic will play out in many ways, including a higher quantity of content shares, reduced bouncebacks, and more sales and links to the website. All of this will likely accumulate, providing a superior website Google will favor when considering how to rank it in more general keywords.

The strategy looks at the inside and goes out. It begins by setting forward many under-searched keywords and uses that to target a very general industry keyword. It is potentially the fastest path to serious success on the web.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service from Friendly Cleaners

When it comes to the annoying nitty-gritty of cleaning, we understand that most people can attest to the fact that cleaning it’s not exactly a fun chore to do. From doing the cleaning and then the drying process, everything can get extremely overwhelming and tiring. For people who live a busy lives, maintaining this house chore becomes twice as much a pain. It’s easy to neglect house cleaning especially if you need to attend to other important things in life, but the grime and the collected dust are real, and it could add up the unnecessary stress that you shouldn’t be having. Friendly Cleaners provide the best solution for all cleaning-related problems in London. Be it for residential, commercial, or other kinds of cleaning, they will be gladly at your service in no time at all. Their professional team provides a wide range of cleaning services, even down to things like oven-cleaning. One of those many reliable services are upholstery and carpet cleaning service. You can check for other services here in their official website http://www.friendlycleaners.co.uk.


Let’s face it, almost everybody would gladly do anything other than having to clean their carpets. The fact that they are one of the hardest things to be cleaned doesn’t help. With their materials and patterns and usability, cleaning a carpet must be done in great care so it won’t ruin the fabric. However, cleaning itself is already a pain already, much more cleaning a carpet. And that’s where the service of Friendly Cleaners will help. They only use the best solutions and machines for their cleaning in order to meet all the specifications, legislations, and customers’ requirements. Everyone who use their service can rest assured that their trust is in good hands. Their teams consist of the best specialists for every cleaning field, including carpet-cleaning. They only use environmentally friendly chemicals to do their cleaning and they are always available 24/7 for your convenience. Book their carpet cleaning service now in their official website http://www.friendlycleaners.co.uk

Cleaning upholstery can be another pain that most people would gladly avoid. They are one of the things that are almost impossible to be cleaned properly on one’s own and getting the reliable help from the professionals who know their work can help a great deal. Friendly Cleaners is just the perfect team you can rely on. They are able to give your upholstery a clean look and a longer life. For more of info their service you can either click on the links provided or visit our website.


At Home Business Ideas For the Handicapped Or Disabled

The best home based business ideas begin with knowing your niche. If you are one of the many handicapped people who want to contribute, remember, you have certain skills, life experience, interests and values that others may not have, so finding your niche is going to be much easier.

Here are the 10 best home based (handicapped accessible) business ideas you may want to consider:

1. Bed & Breakfast- Especially for others with a handicap. If you live in a large home and love visitors, this is a ready-made, handicapped accessible business to help the disabled get out there and travel. A great work at home business.

2. Pet Sitting is a small business option for those who love caring for animals on a temporary basis. I know so many people who would like to go away for a weekend but have no one to leave their pets with who will love them as much as they do.

3. Jewelry Designer – Did you see the Oprah show about 10-year-old Shiloh Peppin who wants to grow up to be a jewelry designer? Her handicap of fused legs will not stop her from the career of her dreams, nor should it stop you.

4. Gift Basket Service – The entrepreneur can design them at home to specific niches and mail them to buyers or make them available in local specialty stores.

5. Internet Store – If you are computer savvy, consider opening an internet based business that sells affiliate items. You receive a commission for every affiliate item you sell to others. See my website for more affiliate information.

6. Life Coaching – Who knows better than you what it’s like to survive and thrive with a handicap or challenge of any kind? So many people are waiting for your encouraging words.

7. Song Writer – For those with a love of music, why not write & sell your music for a living?

8. Recording Artist – If you have a beautiful voice, you can make a living from becoming a singer. Perhaps your niche is jingles – hey someone wrote & sang all those McDonalds jingles. Or maybe your niche is spiritual music, rock ‘n roll or weddings.

9. Screen Writer – Write what you know. Tell your story. Everyone’s already told you that your life is like a movie. Why not share your story with the rest of us?

10. Motivational Speaker – There is a great need for motivational speakers. You could speak at churches, community organizations, business meetings and even write and publish a book or EBook to motivate others.

If you were born challenged or experienced a life altering event and became handicapped or disabled later in life, and you want to work, you can and should.

Think seriously about starting a small business from home. These are just ten simple business ideas.

I know you can come up with more home based business ideas that are specific to your skills, values and interests. Here’s to your business success.

Williams, Arizona business coach, Kathi Calahan, is a Syndicated Author, Certified Behavioral Therapist, and CEO of two home-based businesses.

Who Wants To Know About High Profit Low Cost Business Ideas?

Low cost business ideas are fun to find. Once you find your ideal idea you know you’re in for a quick turnaround of profit in your first year in some cases, and in others even on your first day of business!

Who wants to know about high profit low cost business ideas? We all do! I have chosen 5 core areas I believe are high potential businesses with a history of long-term sustainability, healthy growth and demand, and can be started with a low budget in many cases.

The 5 low cost business ideas I have chosen are in Jewelry, Arts & Crafts, Interior Designing, Manufacturer and Wholesale products, and SME Bookkeeping. Lets get started.

Jewelry Seller

Think you can run your very own dream jewelry business? We all know that our the love for gold and silver, and for precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, is so age old this trade is going to last as long as there is romance on this planet of ours. You can bet your enchiladas the jewelry business is here to stay and to service that love!

While this business may sound expensive to run, you can start small by spending only a few hundred dollars in carefully selecting your merchandise at good wholesale prices.

I have a client who works for a telecommunication company who also runs a part-time jewelry business on the side. She buys pieces she adores and only from a couple of trusted gems and jewelry wholesale suppliers and on sells her merchandise to her clients. You can easily Google for these wholesalers in your local area.

Buy only from certified suppliers who can give you assurance you are buying the genuine article. Once you find reliable suppliers, stick with those. My client runs her business without a fixed shop by promoting her business to bridal shows and to expos that women and couples attend, women organizations, business owners, company executives, and at the local chamber of commerce. She does well. She also sells her more unique merchandise at high markups to other jewelry stores.

Make sure you buy pieces that have that ‘sellable’ factor, the ones that have classic designs at very competitive prices. Try to stay away from abstract designs when you start out, unless you want to specialize in certain types of looks and make.

If you are going to set up shop try checking out these ideal spots:

  • Shop in a busy mall
  • Busy city areas
  • Tourist hot spots and resorts
  • Uptown hotels
  • Your own online store
  • eBay
  • Bridal shows
  • High fashion zones

One great piece of advice she gave me was to make sure the collection you buy has an interesting mix of gems that are already set, gold and silver pieces, and an array of loose gem stones. You will need classy looking velvet boxes and pouches, and black velvet mats to place your merchandise to showcase to the customer.

One thing about this business is that it will never be without an audience of interested or potential buyers.

Interior Designer and Consultant

An interior designer usually ‘discovers’ his or her own unique decorating flair early in life. If you have a natural passion and talent for decorating and designing interiors, this might be a great business to let loose your designing skills and be paid well for it!

The reason why I feel this is potentially a very good business idea is from a recent personal experience I had. My wife and I hired a decorator and for around $400 she helped us with some needed renovation ideas. She came to our house and gave us the best 3 hours in home decorating tips and ideas. For us, it was well worth the money we spent which wasn’t that much in the scheme of things. In fact she’s been back several times to drop off a few more research she did on what we had asked her about. We got a new lease of inspiration for our home that we couldn’t have achieved ourselves and she got our life long recommendation.

By the way, we were referred to her when we were looking at color schemes at our local paint shop. So go and make sure you network at places that spins off from what you do such as the paint shop, the hardware store, the curtain place, the local real estate office and so on. You get the idea.

There will be so many situations and places that will require a service like this if you stop to think about it. Here are some you can start your list on:

  • Businesses with reception areas
  • Practices such as doctor’s waiting rooms
  • Private residences that are going through renovation
  • Government offices
  • Luxury boats and yachts
  • Commercial premises
  • Factory offices
  • Portables such as classrooms and temporary offices
  • Tired-looking business establishments
  • Businesses that have just moved in

It would help your business success greatly if you have evidence of experience, testimonials and perhaps a relevant qualification. A nice website would be advisable to showcase your work.

Arts & Crafts Market Business

Ah this is an evergreen. No matter how futuristic life gets we will always need the works of interesting arts, paintings, and hand-made crafts to bring that touch of life and joy into a place.

This is another lucrative business idea and it can be started with a few hundred dollars for products and material. By observing the constant announcements of art shows, craft fairs and market days held in streets, shop fronts, galleries and open car park spaces across the country and in every suburb you can tell this is one thriving industry.

If you are good at creating something that people have said they’d give you money for, the arts and craft business might be a business to consider seriously and get paid for what you love doing. If so, here are some things you can do to get a feel of the potential before you start out:

  • Check out a few arts and craft shows and markets yourself
  • Get a feel of how you might run your business
  • Investigate the various costs to hiring a booth or a stand
  • Factor in transport costs, packaging, and signage
  • Apply for a credit card machine
  • Get a permit if required
  • Call your local council and make some enquiries
  • Learn some good customer service techniques

If it is convenient to do so (I don’t see many operators do this) try to collect contact details of your customers to build a dedicated mailing list. This is going to come in handy to make your business hum with profitability.

By building a list you can offer your customers a periodical arts newsletter and use it to announce where and when your next show or stand will be at and the specials you are going to offer. The more you interact with your list, the stronger the loyalty you will earn. Your list will eventually be worth a lot of more money than you imagined. Start by collecting email addresses and or telephone numbers of your customers and from enquiries you get.

Do the above and pretty soon you will have more people than you can manage!

Independent Sales Rep For A Manufacturer/Wholesaler

This idea may sound like a job, but its not. Yes, there are sales reps that are employed by companies to represent them but there are many manufacturers and suppliers who prefer independent sales reps who can sell for them, all at a cut of the sales or for an agreed sum. This can be a quick-earn business that you can get up and running in no time.

You can source for products to sell by visiting trade expos, industry showings, to the manufacturers themselves. Choose the kind of products you want to sell. Do your research. Find out what the market wants. Use good old Google to find a good list of manufacturers and product suppliers you can contact. They would love to hear from you. If you can prove your ability and experience they would love to load you up with goodies.

You are not tied to a fixed schedule or territory, however this might depend of the needs and demands and the specific arrangements both parties agree on.

Try to start with products you can physically transport and showcase. Although this is not necessarily always the case with every manufacturer, sometimes you can sell large machineries and equipment that normally are just not possible to access or carry. Your customers are already used to seeing these ‘heavy’ products via brochures and video presentations.

As you can see, this is a business you can start as quickly as you find a supplier who will agree for you to rep for them. If you get a hold of a product that enjoys high demand you can be turning a profit on your first sale.

Your market is dual, you can sell direct to businesses or the end user retail consumer, depending on what you are selling.

Bookkeeping Services to SMEs

If you are meticulous about balancing the account, and numbers bring a smile to your face, then you were made for this business!

Ask anyone at a party or your local businesses, chances are that they will tell you that their accounts are in a mess or that they dread pulling out their financial statements to fix them. That’s where you come in!

Here are some of the key issues that businesses and business owners suffer from that make the bookkeeping service such an attractive proposition for the right person:

  • They are just too busy to do their books
  • They dread ‘doing the numbers’
  • They feel inadequate to do so
  • They are not happy with their current bookkeeper
  • They struggle with keeping up to date with the ever-changing accounting laws

Depending on the depth and breath of what you offer you can charge anywhere from around $20 to $70 an hour and packaged deals or fixed fees for more specialized preparation of financial and tax statements.

Here are some things to consider before you start:

  • Your qualification to be a bookkeeper
  • Public liability and professional indemnity insurances
  • Permits
  • An office or office area
  • Telephone to contact businesses
  • Stationary with letterhead and business cards
  • Computer and or laptop
  • Bookkeeping software program
  • Scanner and fax
  • Back up hard drive
  • Filing cabinets
  • Marketing budget to promote your business
  • An optional answering service

While its nice to hold a double degree in math, nowadays SME operators just want a good bookkeeper who can spot the numbers and provide accurate and great looking balanced monthly statements.

Most business owners and individuals require some kind of bookkeeping help and advice, and many can’t afford to keep a full time bookkeeper. The idea of an off-site on-demand bookkeeping service is great news for businesses and for individuals. It’s a boom industry for anyone who can deliver on-time accurate bookkeeping management.

In summary

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 5 low cost business ideas in Jewelry, Arts & Crafts, Interior Designing, Manufacturer and Wholesale products, and SME Bookkeeping. These were chosen for their potential to turn a profit quickly. However, its advisable that you seek guidance from a professional before embarking on any of the ideas listed here.

In closing let me list a few more low cost business ideas for you to investigate. I feel these have unique market potential and long term business growth:

  • Wellness & Diet Personal Instructor
  • Gift and Fruit Basket Business
  • Health Snacks Vending Machine Business
  • Resume and Covering Letter services
  • Residential and Commercial Cleaning Business
  • Beauty and Hair Supply Business
  • T-Shirt With Unusual Taglines business
  • Outdoor Furniture For Children Business
  • Garden and Organic Lawn Care Business
  • Band Promoter & Scout
  • Mobile Hairdresser Service
  • Private Home Tutoring Service

There’s nothing like finding your own low cost business idea that can turn a profit in your first year! Be independent.

Business Start Up Ideas For Older Women

Why Are Women Over 50 Starting Businesses?

A lot of older workers are finding the job market very soft these days. Instead of staying out of work or accepting lower pay, many of these folks are deciding that they may as well start their own business. Women over 50, in particular, are particularly attracted to the idea of being their own boss.

  • These women say they want more flexibility, and having a business allows them to set their own schedule.
  • The women want more control over their financial lives.
  • The have some sort of vision, and being self employed gives them more job satisfaction.

Let me mention that being self employed is not for everybody. Even though you may have more control over your work hours, you will still have to have determination and discipline to actually make your business prosper. Lots of people are much better off working for somebody else.

I will say that you do not have to start out with rocket scientist skills or a lot of money to invest. In addition, you can start many businesses part time while you still attend to other duties or a “day job”.

What Type Of Business Should Older Women Start?

The type of business you will start depends upon a few things. Your energy level, the way you like to work, and your own skills and interests are very important considerations. I tried to filter down these business ideas to things that would not require a lot of capital investment to start, and that could be started on a part time basis.

Purchase an existing vending machine route.

Most of the experienced vending machine owners say that purchasing a good, established route is the simplest way to get started. You will have to do your due diligence to make sure the route is really productive. But this relieves you of the chore of having to find places to put new vending machines that you buy.

You will have to be responsible for collecting money, keeping the machines stocked, and making sure the machines are in good repair. You either have to do these things yourself, or you have to hire somebody to perform some of the functions.

This is a good solution for people who like to be active, and who do not want to get stuck in an office all of the time. You will probably need to start out by doing a lot of the actual work yourself. However, if you expand your business, you may hire employees to do some of the work for you.

Boutique Bakeries are in!

Small, boutique bakeries, like cupcake bakeries, are very popular today. If you love to bake, this can be a good way to turn your specialty into a business.

Most locations in the US require commercial kitchens though. However, you may solve this problem by leasing space from a church or other organization that does not use their own kitchen during certain hours.

You can concentrate on perfecting your treats, marketing, and expanding your business. If your business grows, you may consider getting your own commercial kitchen space later.

Book Keeping

Businesses need to keep track of their finances in good times and bad. You can find a lot of quick book keeping classes, or you can draw upon your past experiences. This is one business you can perform out of your own home, or in client offices.

Are You Ready To Be Self Employed?

Spend some time researching different business ideas. Try to find ideas that will not require a huge initial investment or a very long work week. As your business grows, you may decide to expand. People who start with a small and manageable business idea tend to do well.

Passive Income Ideas – Some Crazy Business Ideas That Made Internet Millionaires!

Business ideas are something that can make you millionaire sitting back at home! Yes, you got it right, these ideas are all about businesses online. You don’t need to pay thousands to set up an office, pay your employees, for maintenance and other costs! Rather, you just need to hire some freelance web designers, some internet marketers to help you develop and grow your business on the World Wide Web. It takes nothing but your effort and enthusiasm to make money. Here, you will discover some of the craziest business ideas on earth that made some inspiring internet millionaires around the world.

Some Crazy Passive Income Ideas That Made A Few Amazing Millionaire-Stories!

There are hundreds of creative business entrepreneurs who came out with a simple but different idea. However they did something out of the box and became successful financially and also as a brand entrepreneur. Some of those ideas were a bit frenzy and unusual, but they still became successful as the entrepreneurs were determined and they knew how to make people interested in stuffs they’re doing. They finally came up with some amazing, unusual passive income ideas and turned into millionaires in a couple of years. Let’s explore some inspiring stories about them:

#1 Doggles (!)

Have you ever thought about getting goggles for your pet? Yes, a creative entrepreneur thought about designing funky glasses for the dogs and guess what, he named it doggles. Pet owners loved the concept and his business turned into a grand success in almost no time. Once he started selling these stuffs, the pet owners started placing orders. In a couple of years, he became a millionaire just selling these innovative stuffs to the pet owners online. Inspiring, isn’t it?

#2 A Unique Dog Poop-Scooping Company

This is another business idea in the same pet niche. The business owner thought about opening a poop scoop company for cats and dogs. With this innovative concept, and outstanding marketing strategies, he was able to create a brand name in no time. Once the concept became popular, the business went fully automated and he became another millionaire offering a service online. That’s another crazy passive business idea!

#3 Selling The Pixels Of A Website

Well, this stands above anything else! A webmaster thought about a unique marketing concept, he bought a domain and started selling every pixel on his website as advertising space. He sold one million pixels each at $1. Even the large companies were interested in purchasing the spaces as it received a viral response. The concept was unique and soon he became a successful millionaire online. Amazing and definitely an out-of-the box passive income idea.

#4 Selling Customized Layouts For Social Profiles

Once a creative female thought something about customizing MySpace profiles. MySpace is one of the leading social platforms with millions of regular users worldwide. She started offering customized profiles and sold templates worth millions and soon she turned out to be an innovative internet millionaire.

Use Flyer Printing to Make an Impact on Your Customers

Flyer printing is one of the most common forms of offline marketing used by companies around the world. This marketing solution used before the internet and continued to flourish even after online marketing became such a top priority with companies competing to dominate their markets.

Flyer printing helps you stay in contact a with your local audience, it’s economical and highly effective, helping companies grow and demand on an annual basis.

This marketing tool used for general information, specials, offers etc., aiming to promote sales, they are handed out anywhere from inside your shop to standing on the street and handing out to the passing public, or letter dropped, giving them insight into your company and what you do, getting them to know your company name and think of you when they next place an order.

The great thing about these marketing solutions is you can choose the size. They range from A4 all the way to DL, so you really have a great choice to choose from.

You can go with the smallest size (DL) and print double-sided or you may prefer to go for the largest option (A4) printing only one side or two sides.

Before you start you printing process you need to do your research. It’s always helpful to have some of your competitors marketing materials close at hand to see what types of solutions they use and see how effective they are.

This can give you inspiration when creating your own material for your flyer printing job.

It’s important that you know your audience and what appeals to them. Your audience should find your flyer printing interesting, they should want to look at what you have handed them and be drawn to your shop or website to find out more. Hopefully they make a buy and become a loyal customer for years to come.

You should find a goal for your marketing material, there is no point deciding to use flyer printing as a marketing tool without knowing what to place on it.

You can use it to promote products and services, highlight information on a sale about to start or offer promotions to customers to get them through the door. Whatever you intend to do, make sure you have a purpose before you begin.

Think of a catchy message to use to capture your audience attention. When someone receives your flyer, you don’t want your customer to throw it in the next bin they see.

You need something that catches their attention, gets them to place it in their bag to read later or read it there and then and turn around and walk straight into your store. Without a catchy message, you stand an increased risk of your hard work ending up in the recycling bin.

Provide relevant information based on your message and purpose of your flyer printing. Obviously you’re not going to promote a sale in your message and then write about something completely different.

Don’t have too much writing and crowd the flyer, people aren’t going to want to read an entire story. Keep it short, simple and to the point, ensuring you get your message across effectively.

Always use only high quality pictures and illustrations. Remember you have a professional image to portray, poor quality pictures can result in you promoting a poor level, rather concentrate on choosing the best quality pictures to make sure you see it in a professional light every time.

Before you go to final print with your printing, consider your customer response strategy and make sure you join it into your marketing material to make the best results.

Top 15 Market Planning Checklist for Marketing Success

Before you start a marketing campaign you need to analyze some important tips. These are vital to your marketing campaign to get maximum return on investment. What is the use of spending 1000’s of dollars on a marketing campaign that has no conversion. Follow the tips mentioned to have a successful marketing campaign up and running

  • Do a market analysis for your product or the service you are providing. This is necessary to know which part of your services or which product among your array of products appeals to the different market segments
  • Your marketing message must be short and simple. It must convey to the client immediately what product or solution you have for their problem.
  • Prepare a pricing schedule. Make a list of the discounts you will be giving and target to which you should give those discounts. Such cases come when you have tie up with other partners in this campaign.
  • Prepare a sales prediction.
  • Decide the media you will be using to promote your product. It will do you little good to market a blog via television. It can create hype but the ROI won’t be the best. You can save at least 2/3rd of the money by choosing the medium as internet and get more targeted audience. So choose you medium wisely.
  • Plan the sales promotions you are doing.
  • Plan and implement a publicity campaign.
  • If you have any additional products or services that complement your mainstream product make sure to include them as your add-ons or accessory list.
  • If you are providing a product make sure that you provide clear cut instructions on how to use the product. Mention clearly about the warranty and after sales service.
  • Check for your product liability insurance.
  • Have you trademarked your product to avoid future complications once the product has taken off?
  • Analyze the possibilities of your product distribution. Are you planning on direct sales or franchisee and so on?
  • Make sure you make the packaging attractive so as to make it appealing to your target audience. Being attractive does not give you the right to go weird. If you sell a kids toothbrush you could have the present cartoon heroes as labels or figures.
  • Do you have a brand ambassador? Try to get a person who appeals to the target audience. If you promote a fitness product then you might consider a fitness trainer or some body building competition winners like Mr. World to promote your product. You can even have a doctor by your side to ensure that your health related products are recommended by an authority.
  • Make sure that all your employees are given specific set of tasks related to the marketing campaign and all of them are fully aware of their assigned roles. They must be prepared to face any questions that might come their way.